Thursday, March 06, 2008


I almost thought that I would manage the winter without getting sick, but then it came over me quite suddenly on Monday. A walk to school and back again in vain yesterday (it wasn't until I was there that I conveniently remembered that we didn't have a lesson that day) didn't seem to help either, as I spent the night unable to sleep from having my nose clogged up.

With that in mind, it wasn't easy to decide whether I should go to band practice today. Eventually I decided I would go and see how it felt, and it went alright, considering the circumstances. I still decided to skip the evening lesson since I didn't feel too motivated to make the trip again in the state I'm in.

I also picked up some drugs from the pharmacy to ease the flu-symptoms: some Ibumax pain pills that I got Tuesday, and today some Toncils lozenges (used for disinfection of mouth and throat), and some Finrexin (a powder you mix with hot water and drink for "temporary relief of cold symptoms").

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