Friday, August 01, 2008

A list

So I was asked what I would want as present for my upcoming birthday, and thought I would make a small list.

(CD) Piana - Snow Bird
(CD) Piana - Eternal Castle
(CD) Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra
(CD) Kate Bush - Hounds of Love
(DVD) Leon
(Book) Slavoj Zizek - The Ticklish Subject
(Book) Slavoj Zizek - The Parallax View
(Xbox game) Psi-Ops
(Xbox game) Burnout 3
(DS game) Professor Layton and the Curious Village (which isn't out yet in Europe, it seems)
(DVD) Paranoia Agent 1 (or more)
(DVD) The Pianist (and other movies by Polanski could also be received)
(DVD) Kieslowki's 3 Colours


1 comment:

Ainu said...

Have you seen the Polanski picture with a disturbed young Deneuve?

That was interesting... It is Inho in Finnish. I'm a bit sick now and I just can't remember the English title.

I used to have Blanc. I think it is the best of the three colours.