Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My life is a Makoto Shinkai movie

Or to be more precise, the second part of 5 Centimeters per Second.

It's not very often that I come across a movie that I can identify with to the degree that I could with this. "Identify" might also be the wrong word, since we can pretty much identify with anything, even with a small waste-collecting robot. This was more like looking what a screenplay of my own life might look like.

Always looking for something beyond my reach... sometimes it feels like that's what I've been doing my whole life.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


It was my 26th birthday roughly one month ago, and with my birthday being positioned where it is in the calendar, it was pretty close to the Night of Arts. Me and a couple of friends went out on town and had a look at the various people and happenings. Amongst other things we visited Vaasa Water Tower, which wasn't as horrifying as I had thought. But what really caught my eye was the the DSLR camera that one of the company had. I've always liked taking pictures, even having a Flickr account despite not having a camera of my own.

This having to do with the birthday that followed a couple of days later which brought with it a slight economic boost. With the lure of the camera fresh in mind, I set out to find a suitable prospect. Enter the Canon SX100.

Armed with my new toy, I've hesitantly sought my way out on town and snapped a couple of shots. Here's one I like.
AnglesUnfortunately I got it a bit too late to take any good summer pictures, but maybe I will have learned to use its full potential by next summer. So far so good, the only real annoyance being with the supplied Canon software. Luckily there's iPhoto...

Oh! And I cleaned the toilet in the apartment, which was an interesting experience. Now it doesn't smell and look quite as much as a truck-stop urinal.