Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's sort of unfortunate that I've come to only post whenever I felt the need to unload psychologically. As it is, I've been feeling pretty good lately, therefore not having the same need to expunge my inner waste onto the internets.

I notice that the last post was from last year, and I guess some things have happened since then.

One of the more unexpected things is that I have started playing a 2D shooter series generally known as Touhou. This interest was originally sparked by a medley video on the Japanese video-site Niconico video (crappier Youtube version here); in this video there were, among other songs, many songs from the Touhou games series. The song that really got stuck in my head was 千年幻想郷 (Sennenn gensoukyou) ~ History of the Moon. After hearing it I felt a strong urge to find the source of it, and came across Touhou.

Since I'm playing the games mostly for the music, I'm sticking to easy mode for now, which might be for the best, since the higher difficulty levels can get quite intense...

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