Saturday, July 25, 2009


Recently I reenacted an experiment I had done for midsummer, where I soaked gummybears in alcohol. That time the results weren't so drastic, as I had not let them soak for long.

This time I was determined to change a couple of important factors, namely the kind of alcohol used and the time for soaking. Last time I used a type of brännvin (for which I am unsure of the English name), but this time I used Vodka, albeit a cheap brand.
This time I also chose to use gummyworms!
Filled up the jars and into the fridge!
I put them into the fridge on Sunday (if I remember correctly), and let them stay there until Thursday, while taking a taste of a worm on Wednesday. Even when I tasted on wednesday I could feel it was quite strong, so I could very well have taken them out then, but I was a bit busy...

So the extraction was left until Thursday.
On the left are the ones soaked in Vodka, on the right control samples soaked in plain water. The ones soaked in water are clearly larger, though that might be due to me not measuring the liquid exactly even for each group.

As for the liquid remaining, the ones in water had soaked up virtually everything, while there was just over half a decilitre of Vodka remaining.It looks almost like urine, but it really isn't.

Unfortunately I forgot to measure the candies before I started the experiment, which makes the following image somewhat moot, but checking out the length of a bear in store, it was about 2cm long. (Measurement here in inches, 1in ≈ 2.5cm.)A growth of about 0.5cm in length and quite a lot in width for the bear. The worms were nicely fattened.

The resulting candies have quite a strong taste and smell of alcohol, though. If/when I do it again I will shorten the soaking period, or use a larger bear-to-alcohol ratio.

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