Friday, November 20, 2009


About as long as I've been playing keyboard I've thought about getting a two-board setup. Not really because I need it, but because it looks fucking cool on-stage.
Can't be bothered to get out the DVD for a better pic.

The original plan was to get my old M-Audio Keystation back (since I had lent it out) and use that, but as it turns out some of the Keystations have an issue with MIDI out. Mine was one of them. So I had to think of something else...With the help of a friend, I will hopefully have this little thing in my possession before long. It's white, which makes it contrast nicely with the M50, and it's Korg, matching the M50.

Then all that's left is the stand...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Something I noticed.

As we are aiming to get at least a couple of original songs made this year with the band, I have gone into construction-mode. This in turn got me really eager to get ideas out, just tossing down chords and melodies, then quickly building them up to include the standard fare, bass, drums etc., inevitably at 4 AM. As it turns out, you can make some really bad decisions at 4 AM, which I realized at the latest band-meet where we listened through the material gathered so far.

So for the draft I'm polishing at the moment, I decided to take some time before sending it out, listen through it and try to hear what needs to be done. So far it seems to have paid off since I almost think it's one of the best of this bunch, even though I'm sort of growing tired of the melody...