Thursday, December 17, 2009

A list of things that I would not mind getting for Christmas

As the days to christmas decreases, so do buying-options. Perhaps something locally?
At Fantoy they have a cool series of small models showing the build-up of organs. Head is cool.
At Sisustus-In they have some cool masks.

List of things I won't get:
[Hardware] ADAM HALL SKS-22 XB keyboard stand.
[Hardware] Toslink-S/PDIF coaxial to optical converter (eg. Cypress DCT-2 or this).
[DVD] Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2008.07.31.
Canon EOS 1000D/450D.

More probable alternatives:
[DS game] Professor Layton and the Curious Village.
THE SSSNAKE YPK2030 (or equivalent cable, 2x 1/4" mono male <-> 1/8" stereo male).

More to come???

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