Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Lately, that's how it's been feeling, with less than a week since I got the camera.

A decently priced 1000D from a seller in my own town, with little usage (he said he had taken about ~500 images, and it looked practically new); but it didn't come with a neck-strap, so I went to a local camera store to ask if they had one. Turns out they had an old gray one I got for free, but furthermore when asking about the price on the 50mm f/1.8 I got the info that they'd be getting in a used one. (With a price of less than you see used online...)

Bringing the old, dirty neck-strap home to get it washed, my dad offers me the neck-strap from his old Canon AE-1 film camera. A much sturdier neck-strap, in matching black.

Now today, I was picking up the 50mm, all looking good. When I get home I noticed something weird about it compared to the 50mm pictures I had seen. Looking closer, I saw that there was no II on it. This was the original 50mm 1.8, from the 80's. Slightly worried, I checked up on its info.
Optically, this lens is almost identical to the first version.
~Wikipedia, on the Mark II
Phew, so it should give the same sharp images. But what's more, it seems the Mark I had somewhat better build quality, having a metal mount where the Mark II has plastic. Inadvertedly I have gotten my hands on what some consider to be a rarity. To me, I'm just satisfied as long as it takes sharp images, which I will test more tomorrow!

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