Thursday, February 04, 2010


With me having gotten both my "new" camera and a lens second-hand, it's pretty clear that I don't mind buying used goods. One of the bigger problems here, however, is finding good deals on used things. I've seen old computers with pricetags of several hundred euros.

Here is an ad I came across recently:
For those who can't be bothered to click the image and get the bigger version (or don't know Finnish), the guy is selling a used Nikon D40 for 900 euros. Then in the description he goes on to explain how he bought it for 660 euros more than two years ago. Oh yeah, you get a tripod too. Apparently the tripod is worth more than 200 euros...

I'm guessing it's some old guy with no concept of value who wanted to sell his camera, and being unable to just place it in front of a mirror he went to a "photo studio" to get the picture taken for the ad, then slapped the cost of that onto the price.

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