Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camera bag

Having gotten the flash cord and light modifier made, there was one more DIY I wanted to do: a camera bag.

The bag I had been using so far felt a bit too big to just carry around the camera in, and the extra space inside made it bump around a bit too much (which caused the lenscap for the 50mm to come off on many occasions, even though that was a really bad lenscap).

So scouting the fleamarkets once again (actually I got it at the same time as the flowerpot), I found a good candidate for 50 cents.

First, a plan! The original plan included making foam tubes for the lenses to slide into, but that proved to be too bothersome.
Then to connect the pieces, using cable ties.
Main structure completed.

Then after adding a couple of separating walls, we are magically transported to a finished state! (Took no more pictures from building process...) The bag, in all its glory. Perhaps not so pretty, but it works.
Opening it up, we see the flash on the left side. On the right under the camera is a space where the 50mm fits nicely.
All this in one little bag.
Now I just want a little pouch for the flash cables and hot-shoe adapter.

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