Wednesday, March 24, 2010


After the last project I was quite worked up and wanted to try making some sort of light-modifier. Scouting the fleamarkets, I found an old plastic flower-pot for 1€. Coupled with some aluminium foil and adhesive, see-through book plastic (found around my parents house), what would become of it..?

Just before I got to a stage where I couldn't easily take pictures anymore.
I had decided that the easiest way to do it was to use several smaller pieces of foil, that I then put on top of the adhesive side of the plastic, with enough adhesive around it to fit nicely into the pot.

Unfortunately I hadn't really taken into account the curving nature of the pot, so I ended up with a real headache of uneven surfaces and bare patches where the dark plastic reared it's ugly green head.

After a couple hours of caffeine-fueled cutting, pasting and many botched pieces of foil, I finally had some sort of result...

At least it shines up to the point-and-shoot flash.
Then eagerly on to the test shots even though it was way past midnight.

It's far more isolated than the umbrella, which is what I was going for, so at least it sort of hit the goal.

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