Monday, March 29, 2010

Post-shoot post

Recently I did my first real test of the off-camera flash. I had gotten Aino to agree to helping me out, so she stood model for me as I snapped away, playing around with light settings and homemade modifiers.

It was really exciting to see the results from it, and choosing ten for postprocessing proved to be very hard since I had many favourites...

Looking through them my eyes really stopped on the ones with the apple. The little piece of red in the image really gives a counter-balance to the gray clothing and blond hair.


Max Breaker said...

Hey Jacke, Max Breaker here. Remember me? You have a link to my old blog on your page still. In case you forget, we got acquainted because of on-the-globe. You are/were also acquainted with my friend, Sho Fukamachi.

What's up! I see it's been a number of years since you did your last on-the-globe post!

Anyway I thought you might be interested to know that I am still in Tokyo, and just last month I joined the one-and-only globe cover band in Tokyo! They've done 2 lives before and I'll be Marc Panther in their 3rd in June this year!!

Anyway if you are still kind enough to link to me, please update your link to the following page:

Call it Ice Cold Max's Blog... or something (no better title)

I will add you to my blog, too!

Ok seeya!

Jacke said...

Yeah I remember you! I sort of lost interest in on the globe as it was getting harder and harder finding news to post about... And with the TK drama I lost hope in any sort of comeback for them :/

I'll update that link, thanks for the heads-up!