Saturday, April 03, 2010

Second shoot

This week I had my second shoot, if I'm allowed to call it that, and after some rest following two days on non-stop editing perhaps I can gather some thoughts on it.

The first part was outside, which I thought would fail horribly having shot with flash for so long, but I got some really nice shots from it. I also noticed I had almost forgotten how to use the semi-auto modes, aperture and shutter priority, on the camera! I thought I would play it safe by putting it on aperture priority and then just ended up struggling with it to get consistent exposure. Second observation, your hands get quite cold even though it's not many degrees below 0°C.

I've also come to think I need to set proper time-limits for myself in the future. As the subject was quite eager about the photos and I didn't really mind getting more experience with the flash it stretched out quite long, and after cutting out the miserable ones it turned out I had 600 images in total. 600, from which I had decided to take 10. No matter how you look at it that's quite overkill. I think I also need to learn to direct my subjects a bit better; I was quite lucky in my first shoot having such an expressive model, but I don't think I'll always have that luxury.

In retrospect I sort of wish I had tried out the flash outdoors, but I didn't really want to place it in the snow and I didn't have the tripod along with me...

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