Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today I had my first cosplay-shoot. But that is another story! This is the story of my homemade softbox which I decided to start making the night before the shoot-day, since I'm unable to properly schedule anything.

It all started with a big cardboard box I had from when I had ordered some music stuff (mic-stand etc.); I took that and cut it up into triangle-shaped pieces. Then I covered one side of the pieces with white A4 paper, in the same way I did the dish, except for putting them on a flat plane.

Then I used the cable ties I had left over from the camera bag mod to connect the large cardboard pieces to each other. As front diffuser I used some white see-through sheet thing I had gotten at a fleamarket for 1€.

As for the end result: huge. Behold, The Monster!

For those keeping score, it's about 80x80cm at the front.

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