Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cosplay shoot

Shortly, a few words.

My friend Mirja did a cosplay of Yuko from xxxHolic, and asked me to take some pictures, a request of which I was happy to oblige! It was a really smooth shoot; having a model used to posing it felt really easy to direct. That coupled with the nice light I got from the softbox made this probably my best shoot so far.

I think what also helped was that I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted. I had looked at some pictures and took a liking to the red, flowing curtains.So I tried to emulate that look a bit. Don't know how well I succeeded in copying it, but it felt good going into the shoot with a plan, as opposed to just "yeah we'll take some pics and see what we get", as I've previously done.

If I had only had another light to put as hairlight...

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OperationX said...

I didn't know you were actually copying something! That's totally cool! The results are amazing!

Your bro