Saturday, October 16, 2010

More gear!

Time flies when you're having fun, but goes so inexplicably slowly when you are waiting for something. In my case it is the lure of a constant f/2.8 zoom!

Yes, finally a more substantial upgrade of glass is within reach, after I managed to land myself a temporary job. I might upgrade some other stuff too, but that is number one on the list.

Something I also plan to upgrade at some point is, of course, the body. The 1000D is plenty capable, but I would like at least to have the more sensitive auto-focus at f/2.8 that the newer bodies have, seeing as that is where I'm heading. By coincidence, when I was visiting the camera store, they had a used 40D there that I fondled a bit. It's a lot more camera than the 1000D, even though they share sensor; it has the better AF system, higher burst rate, more ergonomical feel and exchangable focusing screens. The last point could also realize my dreams of a digital camera with a split-prism focus screen. (You can also exchange the screen on the 1000D, but it requires more fiddling about.)

But even with all good sides of the 40D it feels like a bit of a waste since I don't think I've really reached the maximum potential of what I currently have. Not to mention that I sort of like the small form factor of the Rebel-series bodies...

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