Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Death of Vincenzo

So perhaps I'll say something about this one, since I like how it came out.

I had originally intended it to be a bit more intricate in story, having a grieving woman hunched by the sofa with her head up next to waist and the doctor standing more to the side, but you have to work with what you have.

The lighting for this turned out to be my most controlled yet, I feel. Instead of just blasting the area with light I wanted something more restrained, which meant lots of gobos in various shapes and forms. The light on the left was originally intended to be a softbox, but trying it out the spread was just too much and too soft. I wanted a window-like light, for which I figured a softbox would be ideal, but the light turned out to be way too soft when I tried it out. I realized what I wanted was the look of the sun shining directly in through a small window, so what I did was simply take a Speedlite and put it inside a cardboard box, thereby restricting the light, then taped a cardboard cross-shape at the opening opposite of the flash so it would look a bit like a window.

The light on the right should be easier to figure out as I just stuck a Speedlite into the empty lampshade. I didn't want it to light up too much though, so there too I stuck in a gobo in the shape of a tube to stop the light from the flash hitting the shade itself. At the end of the tube I taped some blank white paper to soften (and weaken, since it was so close to the subject it was already at the lowest power) the light a bit.

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