Friday, March 11, 2011

Fresh aspects

It's all too easy getting stuck in the digital-only hole of photography, where you take the picture then only view them on a computer. It's too easy. Just transfer the pics and you're done, everyone has a computer anyway, just upload to Facebook and they're there for everyone to see, without the hassle of printing everything out and having 100 images to go through by hand.

But with all the simplicity, the act of making a physical image, rather than a digital, is significantly overlooked.

Recently I have been doing some exploration outside of digital.

Firstly, I started using my dad's old Canon AE-1 some time ago, shooting on film for the first time in perhaps a decade. (I remember taking a picture of a comet with it some time during the 90's, most likely Hale-Bopp, which puts it at 1997.) Results have been mixed, but I've gotten a couple I like, currently up on Flickr. Among them is this, which I really like:

That's not all though. I have thought for a while about making some larger prints, and today was the day. Five of my favourites got the honour of being reproduced on 20x30cm photo paper. And I have to say that you get a completely different view on them once printed, especially at such a size! You feel much more that you have created something when you can hold it in your hand and look at it without the glow of a computer monitor supporting it. Next is to find a good way to display them! I almost feel like taking pictures of the prints just to show their coolness...

Update: an image to show a bit what it looks like...

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