Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ghetto rig

Another in the series of ghetto-style DIY, here's my simple and somewhat fragile slide holder.
I had some problems at first finding a good way to keep the slides in place. I didn't want to tape the contraption right to the lens, so I needed something to go between. I figured a lens hood would be suitable, but I don't have the hood for the 18-55 kit lens. I do however have the hood for the 55-250, which I thought I could use instead, until I noticed that the same hood fits on the 18-55 too. And since I'd only be using it at 55mm to get the highest magnification it didn't matter that it obscured the image at the wider focal lengths.
Having found a go-between, it was only to start constructing. I used the ever-handy empty milk cartons to make a couple of prototypes, to check what I needed. Eventually I ended up with the bottom of a milk carton, with a hole at the end, a small frame attached with adhesive tape to hold the slide in place, and more adhesive tape to hold it together with the lens hood.
Then the whole contraption is placed in front of a flash with a white paper to create a pure white, bright background.
With very acceptable results, in my opinion.

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