Friday, May 27, 2011


Continuing a bit on an earlier theme, I got the idea of a mental patient-style self-portrait.

It's probably a side-effect of reading so much about lighting that I have, but I always start the process of making an image with the figuring out the lighting. In this case, the picture was always going to be centered around the shadows under the eyes, so I knew right away I needed a hard light coming from almost straight above.Working with my surroundings, I also saw a suitable shape at the kitchen/livingroom shelf. A cardboard box as a large snoot? Why not.Indeed that seemed to work quite well.I also added a green-gelled (though it's not real flash gel...) snooted flash on the floor shooting up into my face. I didn't get a pic of that setup, but you can see a bit of the effect as a green light on the wall above my head.

After that it was mostly a case of adding scribbles on the wall and some tossing about of chicken marinade to get the scene ready. Unfortunately I couldn't get a real straitjacket, so I had to settle for a fake one ordered from a costume store. I made a lucky find at a second-hand store for the pants, and the hair was already quite long and it was just a matter of messing it up with hairgel. And then some amount of post-processing, of course...

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