Friday, December 23, 2011

Speaking of which

Speaking of the stand, I also noted on the Christmas list from two years ago that I eventually got every item on the list (except for one which I don't want/need any more).

The 1000D I got as one of the first ones, if I remember correctly, only a few months after Christmas. Then the order gets a bit hazy, but I have some order confirmation e-mails to help me. The Yuki Kajiura DVD I got in April 2010, the Professor Layton game I got this year in October; the YPK2030 cable I'm not sure when I got, but I remember I got it at the same time as the M-Audio expression pedal. (Which is now broken, which is another story that I will deal with later.) And now the keyboard stand.

Maybe in two years I will have what I'm wishing for now..!

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