Friday, July 19, 2013


As a photographer, there is always another level to aim for. Either purely technological or creative. Lately, I have been feeling the second.

Fallen by Jacob Åberg on
Fallen by Jacob Åberg

It's the urge to do something more, to accomplish something. It's a feeling so strong that I can almost reach out and grab it. Not even a feeling, more like something I can feel growing inside of myself. It is a strange feeling, that is pulling me forward in strange directions. It's frightening at times.

I know approximately where I am, and I know very well what kind of images I have in my head, and roughly how far I still need to go to make them. But the distance I still need to travel, in terms of personal growth and technical knowledge, is not insignificant. And that distance is frightening. I want to be able to make something great. To accomplish something. But I don't know if can, or if I will have the time to. I feel an urgency, yet I know that some things have to be given the time it takes.

How long until I fall?

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