Saturday, October 25, 2014


Another shoot, another set of images to go through. It feels like partly luck, and partly persistance, but I feel I'm getting closer to realising the images bouncing around. The path still feels as long, with incredible lag between concept and final image, but the tools are getting to be familiar.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

I walked around the quickly cooling town, feeling the melancholy come down like a mist setting itself within me. Just watching people, doing their people-y things. kids chasing doves; and old man with a funny hat sitting on a bench; an old couple looking at cheap shoes on the town square. There was activity, yes, but a muted activity, as if the pace of life is slowing down with the lowering temperature, preparing for winter.

It was with this melancholical mindset that I walked around town, not even touching the camera, even though I had it with me. The images I saw are recorded only in my mind, nothing more. With time they will fade, or better yet, change and be transformed into nostalgic imagery to then be recreated.

Friday, October 03, 2014


Even though I'm taking pictures it still never feels like I'm taking enough. Most of the time it's merely observational, walking around and seeing something that catches my eye. The problem isn't that I don't like doing it, but that compared to the creative kick you get from realizing an original concept.

A side-effect of not taking pictures for a while is that I start thinking more about gear than actual ideas. Of course it's a useless path to constantly look for the next camera, but even I admit that some cameras just have a certain allure about them. Fuji's X-system has that certain something.

As for what is keeping me with Canon... nothing in particular, apart from the current lenses I have. (To be honest, based on current sensor technology I would advise someone starting out today to go either Fuji or Nikon.) But I would not be opposed to going with a dual system either, as I would keep the Fuji for events where a lower profile is needed.