Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moving pictures

I have often told myself, and others on some occasions, that I have no intention of getting into video, simply because of the higher complexity of it. It is a lot easier snapping a bunch of frames and selecting one than it is recording continuously at ~25 frames per second. Yet, I have started thinking about it, after getting involved in another short film project. But as I am very particular about how things should look it will probably take a while for anything at all to come to fruition from that thought.

I have however started thinking about what to use in practice. Already having cameras with video function I would try to get the most out of those, but for audio I'm looking at a couple of Zooms combined with cheap lavalier mics. Lighting I would try to use a cheap halogen work light, which I actually was able to rig to am umbrella holder in a very roundabout way. I'd still want to do a shorter, easier video project first to see how long it would take...

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